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Annual WASA Calendar Raffle

One of WASA's major fundraisers.  Everyone can enter to win and a random entry is chosen each day during the month.  You can win multiple times - and support great causes in Westborough!

The Raffle


WASA has established a calendar fundraiser in June 2008 and the excitement continues in June 2024. Throughout the month an individual will be drawn each day and awarded a designated prize for that day. Daily winners are placed back in the pool and are eligible to win multiple prizes. To participate in this month-long event you must make a $10.00 donation to the WASA Scholarship Fund. Throughout the month of June the daily winner will be posted on our website and notified by the committee.

  1. Daily Drawings - A winning entry will be drawn at random for each day

  2. Need not to be present to win.  Daily winners will be notified

  3. Winning entries will be returned to the drawing pool.  You will have the opportunity to win multiple times.

  4. Daily Award levels are listed on the calendar.

Daily Drawing Process

Past Results

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